Laptop, Desktop Maintenance & Repairs

Windows Server Support

Offsite Backup

Remote Support

Mailbox Setup and Support

DNS Setup & Maintenance

All of the following services can be provided under a service level agreement contract all included for a monthly fee or on a one off or add-hoc basis. Contact us now for a free no obligation review and quotation.

Laptop and Desktop Maintenance & Repairs

Provision and support of all things computer based;

  • Is your machine running slow?
  • Are you receiving virus alerts or lots of advert Pop Ups when browsing the internet?
  • Are software updates failing or new software not installing properly?
  • Is your computer failing to boot (startup) or access files and pictures?
  • Do you want to transfer pictures, music, videos and other files from an old computer to a new one?

Windows Server Support

Support, guidance and management of your Windows Servers including;

  • Remote and off site access
  • Upgrading to a server based system from individual machines
  • Antivirus and malware
  • Software installation, updates and maintenance
  • Installation of hardware / server expansion

Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery

Provision, maintenance and testing of all off site backup and restore functions
Recovery of files and data following catastrophic hardware & software failures

Remote Support

Offering a remote access and support package which allows us to fix most software problems without having to come and see you, in turn saving you time and money.  

Remote Support Link

Mailbox Setup and Support

Setting up, maintenance and management of email systems including Microsoft Exchange and other email packages allowing remote / web based access to emails when you are away from your desk.

DNS Setup & Maintenance

Domain Name Services (DNS) including setting up, maintenance and management. Allowing safe, secure and accurate records all domain traffic.

SSL Certificates

Set up, maintenance and management of all aspects of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) including purchasing and installations of the certificates.


Training support for all areas as follows;

  • Email – attaching files, signatures, out of office
  • Full training covering all aspects of Libra Office, Open Office and Microsoft Office
  • Document template set ups
  • Database development and use
  • Hardware use and set up training
  • Bespoke training packages on all types of hardware and software upon request